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Voip At Home

I have been looking for a way to receive calls to my home phone, while on the move, so a voip adapter was needed.

This is where choosing the right adapter comes in. I had to find an adapter that had an FXS port, and FXO port and an ethernet port.

FXO: Your normal analog phone port connect to this (eg the BT Plug on the wall) (Foreign exchange office)

FXS: Your phone connects to this (Foreign exchange station)

so the adapter i wanted was an draytek 2820 pbx, (use these at work, thou sometime a bit flaky i have found them to be 100% reliable) but these retail for £400, and my budget couldnt accommodate this, So i brought a linksys SPA3102 which had all the required features, at it can be had for less than £50 from ebay

So configuring the device

1) open
2) plug the provided wire from SPA3102 into phone, plug original phone wire from SPA3102 into BT wall outlet
3) head to web interface to configure the device

note i had already read on another site that the cable from device to bt is connected wrong for the uk (the rj11 needed to be rewired)

so i can now:

1. Receive a POTS (Plain old Telephone system) call – and ring my regular phone.

2. Receive a VoIP call – and ring my regular phone

3. Make a VoIP call – once configured

4. Make a POTS call – once configured (I made it so we have to dial #9 to get the regular phone line for calling, VoIP is cheaper but POTS has tried and tested reliability)

5. Receive a POTS call – forward it to another VoIP destination

6. Receive a VoIP call – forward it to another POTS destination

now all i have to do is evaluate all the providors i can use to the voip



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